Tempish XBD Trick Sparkcykel 110mm Svart

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It features some sturdy components and is compressed with a threaded setup.
Size options available in subtle colors
There are two different height versions available here so remember to match it to the height of your child by using our size guideThis is the regular Tempish XBD Scooter which is made in two discrete color options

Total höjd:79.5, 85.5cmKompression typ:ThreadedHjul diameter:100mm, 110mmVikt:3000gBar bredd:430mmHeadset-type:Non-integratedFramgaffel typ:Med gängaMaterial:AluminiumDeck längd:32cm (12.6)Dropout Form:Peg-cutKonkav:PlattFramgaffel design:2-deldBar material:AluminiumClamp storlek:DoubleHjul profil:RundHjul hårdhet:Ej angivetHjulets nav bredd:24mmKärna material:NylonKärna design:SpokedAxel diameter:8mmKullager precision:ABEC-7Broms typ:Flex FenderSamling:Delvis samlad

Tempish XBD Trick Sparkcykel 110mm Svart finns i kategorin Sparkcykel Kickbike. Tempish XBD Trick Sparkcykel 110mm Svart säljs direkt av Sporttema för snabb leverans.

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