Roces Yuto Goto Pro Fifth Element Aggressive Inlines

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Some might say that Yuto is a Master level Ninja on skates, which is quite true in terms of his clean and technical riding style. It is based on the updated Rolls Royce of the Roces Aggressive line-up - The Fifth Element skates.
No part is left untouched on this massive overhaul
Combining two materials for the upper you get torsional stiffness and a more supple part for the perfect stretch and fit over the top of the foot.
With these skates, you get the newly developed Roces Comfort Liner that features memory foam and a Dual Shock-absorber, allowing you to focus on your tricks and landings instead of pesky fitment issues.
The new Fifth Element skates have furthermore, been updated with the UFS mounting system and a 2-piece Soulplate that looks a lot like the Valo Souls.
Perfect for M12 fanboys who find them a bit too narrow
If you are struggling with a pair of M12's in regards to fit, you will find the width you need hereThe updated frames are best used for flat or anti-rockered setups

Hjul diameter:60mmHjul hårdhet:93ARamtyp:Anti-rocker setupKänga/Skal typ:Gjutna, Semi-softInnerkänga detaljer:Avtagbar, Stötdämpning, FormbarLåssystem:Snöre, Mikro-justerings spänneKullager precision:ABEC-5Grind hjul:NylonRam material:Fiber, KompositKänga material:Plast, KompositInnerkänga material:Mesh, Memory foamCuff:Stabil, Hög ankelstöd, InbyggdMontering:UFSSoulplate:2-deld, UtbytbarBackslide plate:InbyggdRekommenderad för:Aggressive skating

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