Ethic Iconoclast 12 STD Sparkcykel Deck

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It is a deck that is built to run with Ethics 12 New Standard products. This means 12mm axles, 30mm wide wheels and 6001-bearings. The deck is similar in function to the Pandemonium deck from Ethic but lightened and improved. The rugged load-spreading girder design on the downtube provides exceptional strength and durability along with a lightweight apperance. The headtube is widely open so any fork graphics will shine through.

Deck bredd:12.5cm (4.9)Deck längd:57cm (22.4)Hjul diameter:100mm, 110mm, 120mm, 125mmLättvikts:JaHjulets nav bredd:24, 30mmVikt:1290gMaterial:Aluminium 6061Materialets styrke:T6Deck design:One-pieceDropout Form:Peg-cutKonkav:JaHeadtube vinkel:83°Headtube längd:100mmHeadset-type:Integrated 1 1/8Grind plate:JaDeck spacers:IngårBroms typ:Flex FenderBroms/Fender:IngårBroms monteringsbult:IngårHjulbult:IngårAxel diameter:12mmGriptape:Ingår inte

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