Ethic 12 Standard SCS/HIC Trick sparkcykel Kit Blankpolerat

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This is where Ethic has found a great improvement point. Switching the wheels to 30mm in width and matching them to 12mm axles and 6001 bearings. This combination makes this scooter setup both a lot stronger and also more durable.
This kit comes completely mounted and ready to roll once mounted to your choice of oversized bar and clamp.
Since this setup runs unique axles, spacers, wheels and bearings  - you can only match it to specific Ethic spare parts. Make sure to check the axle diameter - 12mm - and wheel width - 30mm.
It has welded cover plates in front and back to avoid debris etc. falling into the scooter deck, these plates have no effect on the performance neither the durability if cracked or destroyed. These can crack easily.
Kit includes:
Ethic Iconoclast deckEthic Iconoclast deck spacersEthic Nemesis HIC/SCS forkEthic 6001 bearingsEthic Calypso 125mm wheelsEthic Pegless 12mm fork axleEthic Pegless 12mm deck axleEthic HIC/SCS compression kitEthic New Standard Nylon Brake

Deck bredd:12.5cm (4.9)Deck längd:57cm (22.4)Hjul diameter:125mmLättvikts:JaHjulets nav bredd:30mmVikt:2090gMaterial:Aluminium 6061Materialets styrke:T6Deck design:One-pieceDropout Form:Peg-cutKonkav:JaHeadtube längd:100mmHeadsätt:Ingår (Utan gänga)Headset-type:Integrated 1 1/8Grind plate:JaDeck spacers:IngårBroms typ:Flex FenderBroms/Fender:IngårBroms monteringsbult:IngårHjulbult:IngårAxel diameter:12mmGriptape:Ingår inte

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